Licensing Procedure

Academic Review

Upon receipt of all pertinent application data, an applicant’s file will be scheduled to undergo an Academic Review, where the academic and training information will be assessed in order to determine if the applicant’s academic coursework and training meet the Nevada requirements in the Academic Study Areas as outlined in regulations NAC 641A.085.

If the applicant does not have sufficient academic coursework, training or experience to meet Nevada requirements, the applicant will be notified in writing which study areas are deficient.


All applicants for Marriage and Family Therapist-Intern must have secured an Approved Primary  and Secondary Supervisor and submitted the Supervision Forms.

Intern Licensing Procedure

1. Submit application with your application fee ($150)

2. Submit Official Graduate Transcript to the Board Office with academic coursework to date (these must be in sealed envelopes or electronic sent directly from the institution)

3. Follow the Background Check Procedure Process.

4. Once your application is received and processed you will receive written correspondence via email of what has been received and still needs to be received. You will also receive a list of Board Approved Supervisors at that time.

5. Secure a Primary Supervisor and submit the completed Primary Supervisor Contract (please include a DETAILED plan and/or Supervision Contract).

6. Secure a Secondary Supervisor and submit completed secondary supervisor form.

Once the above items are received

1. Board will conduct Academic Review of coursework and application

2. Submit completed Licensed Mental Health Professional Available for Consultation if appropriate

3. Board office will contact you in regards to your file status.