Internship Secondary Supervision

ATTN: Candidates for Internship

Candidates for internship must submit a completed Secondary Supervisor Contract along with their application for licensure before the application can be approved. 


Pursuant to NAC 641A.178, before beginning an internship, each intern must have a secondary supervisor approved by the Board. The approved secondary supervisor or supervisors must meet with the intern for a combined total of at least 40 hours to discuss and evaluate the performance of the intern.  

    Approved Supervisor Qualifications & Supervision of Interns

    Each potential supervisor must offer evidence satisfactory to the Board of their experience which qualifies them to supervise. 

    Each supervisor must:

    1. Hold an active license in good standing issued by the Board
    2. Have been fully licensed for three years in any state or the District of Columbia
    3. Maintain liability insurance covering the supervision.

    Supervision of Interns

    1. Unless otherwise authorized by the Board, not more than:
      • Ten interns may be placed under the supervision of any secondary approved supervisor at one time. 
    2. The time required for supervision includes the time devoted to:
      • (a) Meetings between the approved supervisor and the intern where videotapes or audiotapes are reviewed;
      • (b) Therapy sessions in which the approved supervisor participates;
      • (c) Therapy sessions in which the approved supervisor observes the session from a location whereby the approved supervisor is neither seen nor heard; or
      • (d) The presentation of a case by the intern and a discussion by the approved supervisor of the proper management and treatment of the case.
    3. The time required for supervision does not include the time devoted to attendance at seminars, workshops or classes.
    4. Remote supervision is allowed. 

      Application Process to Become an Approved Supervisor

      Secondary Supervisor Application. Scroll down to log into your account. Please do not create a new one.