Final Report

A Final Report Form should be accomplished by the intern and the Primary Supervisor when:

  1. At least the minimum number of hours of Internship Experience have been acquired and
  2. After the intern has received an Official Passing Score for The National Exam.

Evidence of Completion of the Internship

Either Form 3 (MFT) or Form 8 (CPC) will be completed and submitted to the Board as evidence of completion of the Internship. The hours of experience you report on your Final Report will be verified the reported numbers of hours we have on file in the database. The completed Final Report Form and your Application File will go before the Board for full licensure approval, pursuant to NAC 641A.065 (6).

NOTE: Please do not forget to submit you last period of internship hours on a Six Month Report Form, even if it has not been 6 months since your last report. These hours will be recorded in the database and used to verify your final hours submitted.

NAC 641A.065 Application for license or registration: Filing; action by Board.

  1.  Any person desiring licensure by the Board must submit or have submitted to the Board:
    • (a) An application completed on the forms provided by the Board;
    • (b) Official transcripts from each institution of higher education he or she attended which are sent directly to the Board from the institution;
    • (c) A total of three letters of personal or professional reference, or both, written by persons not related to the applicant which are addressed and sent directly to the Board;
    • (d) A copy of the applicant’s valid driver’s license, passport or other government-issued identification card;
    • (e) A written summary by the applicant of his or her experiences and qualifications for licensing, including documentation of his or her internship and recommendations from supervisors or any person approved by the Board; 
    • (f) If the person is licensed as a marriage and family therapist or clinical professional counselor in another state, evidence satisfactory to the Board of such licensure and of good standing as a marriage and family therapist or clinical professional counselor in that state; and
    • (g) A complete set of fingerprints and written permission authorizing the Board to forward those fingerprints to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History for submission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for its report. The Board may exchange with the Federal Bureau of Investigation any information relating to the fingerprints of an applicant pursuant to this section.  
  2. To have the Board act upon an application for a license at a scheduled meeting, the applicant must have filed the completed application with the Board at least 10 working days before that meeting. For good cause, the Board may allow an applicant to present material at its meeting in addition to the materials which he or she has previously submitted to the Board.
  3. By submitting an application, an applicant grants the Board full authority to make any investigation or personal contact necessary to verify the authenticity of the matters and information stated within the application. If the Board so requests, the applicant must supply such a verification.
  4. The Board may appoint a subcommittee to examine an application and conduct interviews before the Board’s meeting and to make recommendations for its action.
  5. The Board may require the personal appearance of the applicant at the meeting.
  6. The same application which is filed for licensure as an intern will be used by the Board for application for licensure as a marriage and family therapist or clinical professional counselor upon completion of the internship.