Complaint Process

Please read the following information concerning the filing of a complaint against a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

 Please fill out the complaint form, have it notarized and return the ORIGINAL COMPLAINT to the Board Office.

 You will receive written confirmation that your complaint has been received by the Executive Director of the Board.

 Upon receipt of a complaint, the Board’s presiding officer or his designee appointed to examine complaints shall examine the complaint to determine whether it:

 Has been properly verified; and

Alleges sufficient facts to warrant further proceedings 

If he/she determines that it is so verified and does allege such facts he/she shall:

Notify the respondent (person against whom any complaint is filed) of the complaint and request an response for the Board’s review before a hearing is set; or 


Direct the Board’s staff to draft a formal complaint for the Board’s consideration. 


Should the complaint require a hearing, you will be notified.

In the event it is found that your complaint does not warrant further proceedings you will be notified of such in writing.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Board office.


    NAC 641A.435 Preparation of complaints. A complaint must be prepared as follows:

    1. Each complaint must contain a statement of facts showing that a provision of chapter 641A of NRS or of this chapter has been violated. The complaint must be sufficiently detailed to enable the respondent to prepare a defense. All applicable statutes, regulations and orders of the board must be cited in the complaint, together with the date on which the act or omission is alleged to have occurred.

    2. If more then one cause of action is alleged, each cause of action must be stated and numbered separately. Two or more complainants may join in one complaint if their respective causes of action are against the same person and deal substantially with the same violation of law, or of a regulation or order of the board.

    3. A complaint must be filed with the Executive Director of the board (Added to NAC by Board of Marriage and Family Therapist, eff. 12-14-87)

      NRS 641A.320 Grounds for denial, suspension or revocation of license. The board may refuse to grant a license or may suspend or revoke a license for any of the following reasons:

      1. Conviction of a felony, or of any offense involving moral turpitude, the record of conviction being conclusive evidence thereof.

      2. Habitual drunkenness or addiction to the use of a controlled substance as defined in chapter 453 of NRS.

      3. Impersonation a licensed Marriage and family therapist or allowing another person to use his license.

      4. Using fraud or deception in applying for a license or in passing the examination provided for in this chapter.

      5. Rendering or offering to render services outside the area of his training, experience or competence.

      6. Committing unethical practices contrary to the interest of the public as determined by the board.

      7. Unprofessional conduct as determined by the board.

      8. Negligence, fraud or deception in connection with services he is licensed to provide pursuant to this chapter.

        NRS 641A.320 Authorized actions. The board may discipline the holder of any license whose default has been entered or who has been heard by the board and found guilty, by any of the following methods:

        1. Placing him/her upon probation for a period to be determined by the board.

        2. Suspending his/her license for not more then one year.

        3. Revoking his/her license.

        4. Administering a private or public reprimand.

        5. Limiting his/her practice.

        6. Imposing administrative fine of not more then $5,000.

        7. Requiring him/her to complete successfully another examination.

          NRS 641A.330 Filing of complaint.

          1. A complaint may be made against a licensee by a agency or inspector employed by the board, any other licensee or any aggrieved person, charging one or more of the causes for which the license may be revoked or suspended with such particularity as to enable the defendant to prepare a defense thereto.

          2. A complaint must be make in writing and signed and verified by the person making it. The original complaint must be filed with the secretary-treasure.