Academic Review

Once an application for licensure has been received and the background check is in process, an Application File is opened. Once an Application File has the official conferred degree transcript from the graduate institution, the Application File is scheduled for Academic Review.

    During the Academic Review process, the regional accreditation of the college, university or institution is validated. Also, the courses submitted on the application are verified on the Applicant’s official graduate transcript(s). The Applicant is not given credit for any course not verifiable on the transcript(s). All submitted Undergraduate coursework is not accepted to meet academic requirements of any study areas.

      Following the verification of coursework, courses are compared to NAC 641A.085 to determine if courses meet the study area requirements for Nevada education and training requirements. If all study areas are satisfied, all requirements have been met and the Background Check has been completed, then a candidate's file is scheduled for review with the Executive Director.

        If the Candidate does not meet all of the Nevada requirements for Education and Training, the applicant will be notified in writing of any deficiencies or shortfalls identified in the Academic Review. Usually, more documentation may be requested in the form of a course syllabus, which will provide more information about a particular course being considered. In some cases, courses submitted may not be acceptable in the study area submitted for and may therefore create a shortfall. There are still other cases where a course is acceptable, but, does not have enough credit awarded by the institution to meet minimum requirements. This will also cause a deficiency in meeting requirements. In these cases, the Board will request more coursework in the study area(s) that are deficient.

          A candidate may challenge the decision of the Academic Review Committee to not accept a course in a particular study area by submitting their differing opinion in writing and providing evidential documentation, such as a course syllabus or original signed correspondence from the Department Chair, as supporting documentation to their written claim. The Committee will consider the submissions and respond in written correspondence to the candidate.