Licensing Procedure

Academic Review

Upon receipt of all pertinent application data, an applicant’s file will be scheduled to undergo an Academic Review, where the academic and training information will be assessed in order to determine if the applicant’s academic coursework and training meet the Nevada requirements in the Academic Study Areas as outlined in regulations NAC 641A.085.

If the applicant does not have sufficient academic coursework, training or experience to meet Nevada requirements, the applicant will be notified in writing which study areas are deficient.

If an applicant has sufficient academic coursework, training or experience to meet Nevada requirements; and official transcripts are received by the Board showing the required conferred degree; and the required Background Check has been completed by the State of Nevada Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); then the applicant will be schedule for an Interview with the Board. A delegation of the Board may form a committee to execute the interview of the applicant.


An interview with the Board will be required for all applicants before licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern or a Marriage and Family Therapist with an Interim Permit. An oral examination may be required in the interview with the Board before licensure. All applicants for Marriage and Family Therapist-Intern or a Marriage and Family Therapist Interim Permit must have secured an Approved Primary Supervisor and submitted the Primary Supervision Form. The Marriage and Family Therapist-Intern must have submitted the appropriate Internship Proposal Form to the Board prior to the Interview.

Intern Licensing Procedure

  1. Follow Steps 1-5 of the Licensing Procedure above (with the exception of 2.4.).

  2. Submit Internship Proposal(s) with signature(s) of supervisor(s). The Primary Supervisor must be an AAMFT Approved Supervisor or a Supervisor in Training, and must be individually approved by the Board. At least two supervisors are required, secondary supervisors may be submitted at any time. (Secondary need not be AAMFT Approved Supervisors)

  3. Internship Proposal must indicate the location of anticipated work and must contain the signature of a licensed mental health professional who will be working at the same site (not necessarily your supervisor).

  4. When the written exam is passed, after the applicant is interviewed by the Board and both the applicant and the primary supervisor are approved, the applicant may begin internship as a Registered Intern. No therapy/counseling may begin before the applicant is registered. Reporting of internship progress is required by March 15 and September 15 of each year. See forms. Missing a reporting period may terminate an internship.

  5. When internship has been completed, applicant and supervisor submit final documentation to the Board. Completion is documented by using "Form #3 Final Internship Report form Primary Supervisor". The applicant's file will then be reviewed at the next regular Board meeting and when approved, a license will be issued.