The information below applies to all individuals who are submitting Applications for a Clinical Professional Counselor Internship.

    General Licensing Information

    The Board of Examiners for Marriage and Family Therapists and Clinical Professional Counselors was created for the protection of the public. The Board is empowered under the Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) Chapter 641A to set minimum standards for licensing of Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) and to oversee the ethical conduct of MFTs and MFT-Interns in the State of Nevada.

    Licensing Procedure

    Academic Review

    Upon receipt of all pertinent application data, an applicant’s file will be scheduled to undergo an Academic Review, where the academic and training information will be assessed in order to determine if the applicant’s academic coursework and training meet the Nevada requirements in the Academic Study Areas as outlined in regulations NAC 641A.085.

    If the applicant does not have sufficient academic coursework, training or experience to meet Nevada requirements, the applicant will be notified in writing which study areas are deficient.

    If an applicant has sufficient academic coursework, training or experience to meet Nevada requirements; and official transcripts are received by the Board showing the required conferred degree; and the required Background Check has been completed by the State of Nevada Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); then the applicant will be schedule for an Interview with the Board. A delegation of the Board may form a committee to execute the interview of the applicant.


    An interview with the Board will be required for all applicants before licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern or a Marriage and Family Therapist with an Interim Permit. An oral examination may be required in the interview with the Board before licensure. All applicants for Marriage and Family Therapist-Intern or a Marriage and Family Therapist Interim Permit must have secured an Approved Primary Supervisor and submitted the Primary Supervision Form. The Marriage and Family Therapist-Intern must have submitted the appropriate Internship Proposal Form to the Board prior to the Interview.

    Intern Licensing Procedure

    1. Submit application with your application fee ($75)

    2. Submit Official Transcript(s) (Graduate and Undergraduate Transcripts) to Board Office with academic coursework to date (these must be in sealed envelopes directly from the institution)

    3. Request (3) letters of recommendation. Have those letters sent to the Board office directly or you can submit them in individually sealed envelopes with the author’s signature across the flap. We will also accept these letters via email directly from the authors of the letters.

    4. Follow the Background Check Procedure Process that’s listed on the website - http://marriage.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/marriagenvgov/content/Services/2015-10_BackgroundCheckProcedure.pdf

    5. Once your application is received it will be processed in 10-15 business days. Once processed you will receive written correspondence via email of what has been received and still needs to be received. You will also receive a list of Board Approved Supervisors at that time.

    6. Secure a Primary Supervisor and submit the completed Primary Supervisor Contract (please include a DETAILED plan and/or Supervision Contract).

    7. Secure a Secondary Supervisor and submit completed secondary supervisor form.

    8. Supervised Experience Form should be filled out by each Supervisor that you accrued hours under. (If coming from another state).

    9. Fill out the Summary of Supervised Experience (if coming from another state).

    Once the above items are received

    1. Board will conduct Academic Review of coursework and application (about 3-4 weeks before scheduled Board meeting)

    2. Submit completed Licensed Mental Health Professional on-site form

    3. Board office will contact you in regards to your Board Interview (about 2 weeks before Board Meeting, if you have passed Academic Review), which will include time, date and location.

    Internship Forms & Reports

    Marriage & Family Therapist

              When submitting an MFT-Intern Final Internship Report: Form 3, also submit along with it a Primary Six Month Internship Report: Form 1 and a Secondary Report: Form 2.).

      Clinical Professional Counselors

                When submitting a CPC-Intern Final Internship Report: Form 6, also submit along with it a Primary Six Month Internship Report: Form 4 and a Secondary Report: Form 5.

        Other Forms

                  To be submitted with the Application or anytime during the internship

        Supervision Forms