Internship Primary Supervision

Pursuant to NAC 641A.178, a Candidate for Internship must submit a completed Primary Supervisor Internship Proposal Form along with the Application for licensure or before the date of the In-Person Board Interview. This Form will contain the name and address of the prospective place where internship hours will be accumulated, the name and signature of the prospective Primary Supervisor and a brief description of the tentative internship and what it will entail.

    NAC 641A.178 Supervision of interns: Primary and secondary approved supervisors; limitation on number of interns; time required for supervision; approved use of conference calls.

    (NRS 641A.160, 641A.287, 641A.288)

    1. Before beginning an internship, each intern must have at least two supervisors approved by the Board. During the course of the supervision of the intern:
      • (a) The primary approved supervisor shall meet with the intern for at least 160 hours to discuss and evaluate the performance of the intern; and
      • (b) The secondary approved supervisor shall meet with the intern for at least 40 hours.
    2. Unless otherwise authorized by the Board, not more than:
      • (a) Six interns may be placed under the supervision of any primary approved supervisor at one time; and
      • (b) Ten interns may be placed under the supervision of any secondary approved supervisor at one time.
    3. The time required for supervision includes the time devoted to:
      • (a) Meetings between the approved supervisor and the intern where videotapes or audiotapes are reviewed;
      • (b) Therapy sessions in which the approved supervisor participates;
      • (c) Therapy sessions in which the approved supervisor observes the session from a location whereby the approved supervisor is neither seen nor heard; or
      • (d) The presentation of a case by the intern and a discussion by the approved supervisor of the proper management and treatment of the case.
    4. The time required for supervision does not include the time devoted to attendance at seminars, workshops or classes.

    5. The Board will approve the use of conference calls for supervision of an intern in extenuating circumstances.

      Applicant May Call and Interview Potential Supervisors

      An applicant who has submitted an application to the Board Office may request a list of Nevada Approved Primary Supervisors from the Board office. Applicants may call and interview potential supervisors from the list until suitable supervision is obtained.

        Skype Conference Calls for Intern Supervision is Approved by the Board on a Case-By-Case-Basis

        The use of Skype or conference calls for intern supervision is approved by the Board on a case-by-case basis at Quarterly Board Meetings, where extenuating circumstances are reviewed and decided upon. Extenuating Circumstances may be submitted to the Board in writing for consideration.

          Primary Supervisor Forms