Interim Permit

The Interim Permit is for Applicants who are licensed in another state and who have completed at least a two year internship where they accumulated at least 3000 hours of internship experience as approved by the Board, according to NAC 641A.111.

NAC 641A.111 Interim permit.

  (NRS 641A.160, 641A.220, 641A.231)
  1. The Board will, after verifying that an applicant for licensure meets the requirements of NRS 641A.220 or 641A.231 and holds an active, equivalent license in good standing from another jurisdiction, issue an interim permit authorizing the applicant to practice as a marriage and family therapist or clinical professional counselor, under the supervision of a person approved by the Board, until the results of the examination required by NRS 641A.230 or 641A.231 are received.
  2. If the applicant does not pass the examination, the interim permit expires upon notification by the Board. The interim permit is not renewable.

    Academic Review and In-Person Board Interview

    Every Applicant for Interim Permit will be scheduled for an Academic Review. Once the applicant’s file has met all Nevada requirements for academics and training, and if the Background Check is complete, then the Candidate will be scheduled for an in-person Board Interview.

      Board Approval of Interim Permit

      Following the successful completion of the Academic Review and Board Interview the Candidate’s request for Interim Permit will go before the full Board at a Quarterly Board Meeting. There the Board will verify the Candidate’s Active/Equivalent licensure and Internship experience. If, at this point, the Applicant has met all Nevada requirements for licensure with the only exception of the National Exam, then the eligible Candidate, with a valid submission for supervision, may be granted an Interim Permit. An Interim Permit may not be granted unless a Supervisor has been submitted for.

        Interim Permit candidates have one year to sit for the National Exam one time.

        If the candidate does not pass the National exam, then the Interim permit will expire upon notification by the Board. The Interim Permit may not be renewed. Re-application for Interim Permit will not be accepted. An applicant for a failed Interim Permit may apply for Internship licensure.