Graduate Program Student Submittal

Graduate Student Applications

According to Board policy, the Board will accept applications from students in a mental health graduate program for a pre-Academic Review no sooner than two months and no less than one month before the student’s anticipated graduation date. The Board will accept only those applications accompanied by a letter from the Department Chair confirming

  • The student is in good standing
  • The date of the student’s expected graduation;
  • Any course in which the student is enrolled but is not on the transcript. 

In addition, please be aware that students who apply early will need to provide one graduate degree Official Transcript to be used for the Academic Review and a second graduate degree Official Transcript which demonstrates the conferred graduate degree. The Academic Review may not be conducted without an Official Transcript. An applicant cannot be considered for licensure until a qualifying graduate degree has been conferred.

Note: This policy does not apply to licensure applicants taking makeup course-work.